• Attractive Dispenser Design
  • Advanced control features
  • Light sensor allows Day, Night or 24 Hour Setting
  • Adjustable Spray Volume
  • Contains Natural Pyrethrins
  • Setting Time 5, 15 or 30min
  • Electronic Valve for Quite Operation
  • 305g Insect Control Aerosol Can included
  • Batteries included

Adjustable Spray Intervals

  1. Unique variable dial can be pre-set to control the time interval of sprays from 5, 15, 30 minutes.
  2. This feature allows the can to last up to 90 days.

Day / Night Sensor

  1. At 24H setting, dispenser will operate 24 hours per day
  2. Night setting; dispenser operates in darkness only.
  3. Day setting; dispenser operates in day light hours only


  • Adjustable Spray Volume For More Control Of Spray Levels
  • Advanced Technology For Better Operation
  • Auto Sensing Night Shut Off
  • Sensor Settings: 24 hour / Day / Night
  • 5 Mins – 30 Mins Spray Settings
  • Fits Multi-fit Refill 305g & 185g Refill Cans
  • Quiet Operation
  • Mechanical 1 year Warranty

Expra’s Multi-fit Dispenser is simple to use

It’s extra controls give you the advantage of controlling the levels of spray to suit your environment, giving you the most efficient and economical solution.

Natural Pyrethrins

Pyrethrin is the extract from the Chrysanthemum daisy; at constant low dosage levels, insects are repelled making it the most effective insect control solution. Natural pyrethrins quickly break down in the environment, leaving no insecticide residue.